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In 1996, a committed, hard-working and enthusiastic lady embarked on a journey to realize a dream of building an apparel manufacturing facility with a difference.

She had started her career in 1977 and has been working for well reputed garment exporters in Sri Lanka as Production Manager and has gained the experience, confidence and the art of running a business in the apparel space before forming Sun Queen Garment (Pvt) Ltd. She put all her life’s savings, energy and knowledge behind this project, took a leap of faith, and started Sun Queen Garment with 15 employees.

23 years later…. Sun Queen Garment is a leading manufacturer of high quality apparel to leading clothing Brands in the world, well known for its manufacturing excellence, commitment and reliability. Giving employment to over 550 people, the organization has grown to 2 locations, creating over 60,000 standard hours a month and churning out between 3 to 3 million high quality garments a year. The company has grown from humble beginnings to a top line of approx. 2 million USD per anum on CMT basis alone.




  • To be the number one garment factory in SME sector Sri Lanka.


  • To win customer satisfaction through high quality ethical garments and deliver them on time
  • To provide employees friendly and suitable working environment ensuring them a successful future
  • Achieve higher financial goals through effective management
  • To be accountable for our actions to the community and help the community the best possible way in common duties and responsibilities


Sun Queen Garment (Pvt) Ltd. recently opened its first branch in Weliveriya, Gampaha District Sri Lanka. It has over 150 employees with 100 machine operators currently and there is room for expansion. This plant is capable of producing 60,000 to 75,000 pieces monthly.

Telephone No: +94114382420 / +94114382422

Email Address: info@sunqueeng.com, rumesh@sunqueeng.com